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Garden State Laboratories, Inc. is a provider of environmental field sampling and analytical services of wastewater.  Garden State Laboratories, Inc. services industrial manufacturing, pharmaceutical, contractors, and consultants, the cruise industry, and local municipalities.  

Wastewater Sampling
  • 24 Hour Time and Flow Proportion composite sampling using Sigma and Isco sampling equipment

  • Sampling for PCB Congeners following DRBC Requirements

  • Field analysis for pH, Residual Chlorine and Temperature

  • Grab samples


Wastewater Analysis

  • Oil & Grease Analysis

    • Hexane Extractable Materials (HEM)

    • Silica Gel Treated - Hexane Extractable Materials (SGT-HEM)

  • Metals

  • Nutrient Testing

  • Volatile Organics

  • pH and other Classical Wet Chemistry

  • Acid/Base/Neutral Extractable Compounds

  • Pesticides/PCBs

Wastewater Reporting 

Whether you are sampling yourself or have Garden State Labs provide sampling for your facility, we will get your results to you in a timely manner.  Not only this, but by providing our lab with your limits will allow us to contact you as soon as possible when results exceed the acceptable criteria.  We are also familiar with the different paperwork required by various authorities.

Garden Soil

Sludge Analysis


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