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Bottle Order Request

If you need to order supplies for analytical testing, please feel free to use this form and email to your client service representative or fax to the lab directly.

Chain of Custody

All samples that are received for analysis by Garden State Labs, Inc. are required to be accompanied by a chain of custody that tells us not only basic information about the client (i.e. name, phone, email) but also the sample information about times and dates and the analysis that is required for all samples.  If you need a blank chain of custody, feel free to download here directly.

Request Sample Pickup

If you require a sample pickup - please let us know. We will schedule as soon as possible.

Pay Invoice

​To pay your invoice online, include your Client # and Invoice #, if available.  These are located on the upper right corner of your invoice.  Enter them in the boxes below.

If you do not receive an email confirmation, your payment did not go through.
For assistance, please call 908-688-8900 ext.123.


Thank you for your payment!

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