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NJ Spill Fund Guidance

The NJDEP Spill Fund is a program to help provide financial relief to people within the State of New Jersey who have been affected by the petroleum and chemical industries in the State. Below you find guidelines provided by the NJDEP for applying to The NJ Spill Compensation Fund Claims Program.

For general questions, contact the state via 609-984-2076 or SRP_SPILLFUND_GO@DEP.NJ.GOV

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Guideline Checklist

This checklist provided by the NJDEP will give you an overview of the items you will need to complete before submitting information to the NJ Spill Fund.

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Scientist Pipetting


This is the official Spill Fund application form that was updated as of 02/02/2022. You will need to complete this in full and submit it to the NJDEP via Certified Mail Return, Receipt Requested or by other means which provides a receipt of mailing and the date of delivery.

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