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New Rapid Pool Testing Methods

Garden State Laboratories, Inc. is proud to announce that it has received NJDEP Certification for three new bacteriological methods available for swimming pools, whirlpools, hot tubs and spas.

These methods are much quicker than previous certified methods.  The Colilert-18 and Colilert methods provide total coliform results in 18 and 24 hours from the time of set-up in the lab, as opposed to 48 to 96 hours for the old LTB method.  The new Pseudalert method provides Pseudomonas aeruginosa results in 24 hours from the time of set-up in the lab versus the old membrane filter method which took 72 hours.

Along with the Heterotrophic Plate Count which incubates for 48 hours, these new methods allow for the best turnaround times for certified analytical reports.

If you have any questions call Harvey Klein, M.S. Laboratory Director 800-273-8901 x117 or Jordan B. Klein, Pool Coordinator, 800-273-8901 x135.


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