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Inorganic Compounds Maximum Contaminant Levels mg/l
Antimony 0.006
Arsenic 0.005
Barium 2
Beryllium 0.004
Cadmium 0.005
Chromium 0.1
Cyanide 0.2
Fluoride 4.0
Mercury 0.002
Nickel 0.1
Selenium 0.05
Thallium 0.002
Sodium 50
In addition to the above inorganic compounds
copper has an action level of 1.3 mg/l and lead an
action level of 0.015 mg/l. For the Private Well Testing Act the NJDEP is using a limit of 0.005 mg/l for lead.
Nitrate has a MCL of 10.0 mg/l and nitrite 1.0 mg/l.

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Last Modified 5/30/06