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New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Certification

Lab #20044

The NJDEP runs two certification programs. A state program and the nationally recognized NELAP program. Garden State Labs is accredited in accordance with the NELAP program.

The NJDEP certifies laboratories for drinking water, wastewater (water pollution) and solid and hazardous waste analyses. Garden State Labs is certified in these areas for:

·       Microbiology

·       Limited Chemistry (Wet Chemistry)

·       Metals

·       Organics

The routine reporting limits and method detection limits for data reported to the NJDEP are:

Microbiology Reporting Limits (RLs)

Inorganic Method Detection Limits (MDLs) & Reporting Limits (RLs)

Organic Method Detection Limits (MDLs) & Reporting Limits (RLs)

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