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NJ E2 Reporting


The NJDEP is making mandatory that Public Water Systems use the web-based New Jersey Electronic Environmental (E2) Reporting System when their labs submit drinking water data.


Since July 1, 2009 all transient water systems must use E2. Starting April 1, 2010 all non-transient water systems and community water systems will be required to use the E2 system.



The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) is continuing to bring on line requirements for all Public Water Systems (PWS) to report their bacteriological and chemical data via the new E2 data reporting system.  Currently all Transient Non-Community Water Systems (TNC) are required to have their data submitted via E2.  Non-Transient Non-Community Water Systems (NTNC) and Community Water Systems (CWS) may have their data submitted via E2 now.  All NTNC and CWS MUST have their data submitted via E2 beginning April 1, 2010. The NJDEP certified laboratory performing the analysis is the only entity that may electronically submit the data via E2.


The E2 System has advantages.  It eliminates almost all of the paper work.  Only some of the esoteric chemical and radiological analyses and the new Ground Water Rule data still require paper submission.  The NJDEP posts the data on the new NJDEP Drinking Water Watch web site so you can easily review the data.  Health Departments and the public can also view the data.


To help people stay on top of the E2 System Garden State Labs has set up a Twitter account, NJE2Reporting for rapidly distributing information about E2.  There is no charge for following the NJE2Reporting twitter account.  If you do not have a Twitter account you can set one up at no charge.  As we get E2 info we will tweet it with appropriate links.  If you have any questions or if you have information for us to tweet, email us at or call 800-273-8901.


Contact us to help you get on the E2 System.


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